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The Eco-club

St Mary's Eco Club
The Kent High Weald Partnership led 11 sessions of the St Mary's Eco Club over the summer/autumn of 2011. These are the kinds of things we did;

Eco Club School Display

Fixed Point Photography
We took photographs from a fixed point so we could see how the seasons change.

Build a Bird Box
We built a bird box to take home while learning all about British birds as we worked.

Food Chain Games
These games allowed us to understand how food chains work and the importance of all the different plants and animals.

Pond Dipping
The children used the new pond dipping platform to survey the pond. We learned all about what animals and plants could be found in the pond.

Earth Walk
We had to look closely at things, listen and think while we did; silent stalk, magic spots, miniature gardens, slide show, nature's palette and sound recording.

Minibeast Hunt
Children learned how to survey and identify invertebrates. We also talked about habitats and characteristics.

Bird Walk
We learned how to survey birds using simple spotter sheets and a birdsong player.

Tree Walk
Using leaf images and simple keys we learned the names and characteristics of several species of common tree.

We also played lots of fun environmental educational games including bat & moth, the Tadpole game, Millipede centipede, Build a tree and Touches of Nature, as well as arts and crafts on rainy days!

Free Equipment on Loan

The funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund meant that we could buy equipment to help children explore the wildlife on their doorstep. The equipment is kept at the school but it is free for any organised group in Lamberhurst to borrow. Please email Barbara Uren on for more details!

Education kit eco club

This what you will find in the fantastic kit;

Pond Dipping Kit
6 x Pond invertebrate guides
3 x Dragonfly identification sheets
3 x Reptile and amphibian identification sheets
1 x Safety throw rope
1 x Hand gel
1 x 1-10 person First Aid kit
6 x Pond dipping nets
6 x Large trays
3 x Mini magnifiers
6 x Giant magnifiers
6 x Sampling trays

Explorer Kit
10 x Sweep nets
10 x Big magnifying glasses
10 x Large trays
10 x Binoculars
10 x Bugs on Bushes identification sheets
10 x Woodland trail identification sheets
1 x Butterfly identification sheet
1 x Playing field plants identification sheet
1 x Insects of the British isles identification
1 x Tree name trail sheet