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More Local Memories

1904 – 1929
The Recollections of Stanley Randall

Stanley Randall was born in 1917, the third child of George Lancaster Randall (1875-1945), who worked 1904-1929 as private secretary to Lord Camden (1872-1943, 4th Marquis, of Bayham Abbey), and Annie Harriet Randall nee Mott (1874-1958). Stanley had two older siblings, Lilian, born 1903 and Lewis, born 1907. George had worked as a solicitor’s clerk for Farrers at Lincoln’s Inn Fields before joining his father in a mineral water business. This venture being ultimately unsuccessful, he worked as a motorcar demonstrator at D Napier & Son and MMC before returning to Farrers, where he met Lord Camden, a client of the company, who was looking for a private secretary who could also drive. George was clearly seen as the man for the job and duly appointed. Park Cottage, Hook Green, a tied house, was built for George and his family in 1904 by George Sands the estate builder.

Stanley Randall
Stanley wih Mrs Bach 1919

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Stanley Randall's Memories
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Park Cottage Randalls 1908

The photographs below have been reproduced here with the kind permission of Andrew Randall, grandson of George Lancaster Randall who was Secretary to Lord Camden from 1904 to 1929.

George Randall bought this car in London in 1904 from the Motor Manufacturing Company. He had previously been a 'demonstrator' for MMC, which went out of business in 1905.

Stanley Randall cars
The top photo, which appears to be by the village green in Lamberhurst, shows Lilian in the car and is dated January 1907; the second picture is believed to be about 1910. It's the same car but the later picture shows the wheels with wire spokes as opposed to the earlier wooden spoked variant. The later picture also has more of a Spring/Summer look to it.

Park Cottage 1907
Park Cottage 1907

Park Cottage c1917
Park Cottage 1917