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Lamberhurst in Old Photographs

These photographs are reproduced courtesy of, where other photographs and historical information about the village can also be found.

lamb old cott
Coggers Hall, Lamberhurst 1900
Source: Cottages and Farmhouses

green 1912
The Green, Lamberhurst, photographed by Photocrom Co., Ltd - 1912
Source: Private Collection

Lamberhurst Village 1908
Source: Private Collection

Lamberhurst painted by Charles Essenhigh Corke c 1900.
Source English Homes and Gardens

Vill green 1912
Lamberhurst from the Hastings Road photographed by A. Padgham, Lamberhurst - 1912
Source: Private Collection

High Street, Lamberhurst, 1915.
Source: Private Collection

Lamberhurst, painted by Charles Essenhigh Corke c 1900.
Source: English Homes and Gardens

High Street, Lamberhurst photographed by H. Camburn, Tunbridge Wells - 1925.