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Local Walks


A two hour circular walk with pubs on the way!

Walkmap 1

This walk could begin in several places but we have chosen the village car park behind the War Memorial Hall. Turn left outside the hall and follow the main road past the green on your left and up to the first road on your left, Pierce Place. You will pass the village store and bakery on the other side of the road.

Turn left into Pearse Place and follow the road round past the new school, taking the footpath which climbs steeply uphill to the left of the school building. Near the top - stop to admire the view.

Emerging into Sand Road, turn right until the road meets Town Hill. Cross the road and go down the hill a short way until you see a footpath on your left. Take this path into the vineyard. You will see the impressive building of Bayham Abbey (mansion) in the distance. Follow the path through the vineyard until it crosses another path at rightangles, where you should turn left. Follow the path until it meets the main road. Turn left and cross the road. Walk a short distance down the road to Misty Meadow Farm and turn right, following the footpath signs.



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